Wicked Intentions

What if Mr. Wickham’s elopement with Lydia wasn’t just a spur of the moment action but a carefully crafted plan to pull our dear couple apart?

Elizabeth Bennet is devastated to hear about her youngest sister’s elopement with Mr. Wickham and she cannot help but blame herself. When Mr. Darcy insists on taking the blame and rushes to London in search of her sister, Elizabeth’s heart slowly starts to warm for the man she had once considered the last man she could ever be prevailed upon to marry. Her only hope is that Mr. Darcy would truly be able to find Lydia, and that her family would have a happy ending after all—even if she may never hope for a happy ending of her own.

With more than one person harboring wicked intentions towards our dear couple, will the love of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy be able to conquer it all—or will they find themselves forcefully torn apart?